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tv   [untitled]    September 9, 2011 8:31pm-9:01pm EDT

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gathered in tahrir square once again demanding swift a change calling for the ending of military rule and a concrete time ally for hyundai a bit disappointing. and the second part of our special report about post-war illnesses revealing how the deadly legacy of war can affect military personnel long after they returned. of course with the relationship between the media and the military develops on a technical level you know it's not a very important relationship and actually there are ways to use the media for example the media can show a selected situation to convey a particular image out of it what is more relevant is how the other levels of misinformation can affect the different media because the media always belong to someone and the media there is always a bit
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a lot of money and someone that decides the fate of a bitch. like a dump truck or something new is happening and it would affect the development of neurosciences in the new sciences are different to misinformation at sea or so-called desert formats as the soviets used to call it. the neurosciences study the values of social fantasy if you did that helps gives us a certain meaning rather than another to the same event people seem to be in this context we could experience some alarming scenarios for the freedom systems inside democracies.
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in some of the training courses i held in security and military environments and i talked about a technique that already exists it's called imagining the unimaginable that it maybe no one has yet been able to imagine the unimaginable unimagined has already being conquered problems for we can move from the facts and arrive to the unimaginable or even proceed on the other way around and turn the unimaginable into a fact. just think of the use of radio frequency weapons or other non conventional weapons which are hardly imaginable think about all the modifications to the jet stream to alter the high flight air streams and the climate. unfortunately there are plenty of banned and non conventional weapons conventional
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means that before the war starts parties enter into an agreement with the opponents of the use of weapons with a huge impact on the population on the environment and so on so it can appear paradoxical but that's how it is. but as an example you can think about the anti landmine campaign because when you get there are some agreements to try to limit the use and the abuse of certain weapons unfortunately when a war starts everybody ignores these agreements if a war starts the packs have already been broken to see and it will be the international responsibility to judge but the main goal of who is involved in a war is to win it. in the probability of affecting the territory and the environment negatively is very high. that's our main risk to do
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a lot of good work. out of this league when you bomb something you don't bomb. that you drop the bomb on an oil refinery on weapons factories all in chemical factories to get. parts for the ports in that circumstance and you pollutants are created and you pollutants that i like to call invisible bullets invisible bullets are capable of heat in anybody at any moment and can persist in the environment that is so even when a war is over they can pollute fruits vegetables and the grass is used to feed animals that are so even after some time looking is to have these polluted remain so for inside our bodies the jobless rates go on and. we have seen agent orange in vietnam what happened there with defoliants and the other things this is what has
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changed there isn't just the weather whole environment has been altered forever. there are a lot of that in mind the borat area i have a pack of cigarettes bolton some rival out there and another one in baghdad broke over out and there are found more of pollution residue in the bag even a bit of depleted uranium from just a particle but i have found it. that way or the reason is that during a war of the tobacco cultivation containing it's found and as the tobacco has a large leaf collects all the pollutants. even i can smoke through war residue you can even after some time this is why it's a never ending war. but we have. we have today from a military and a scientific perspective. to use some technologies or discoveries to
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generate events in order to heavily permanently alter b. environment the whole environment. i am convinced that we need to look for anything else because gen mimi's experience is more than a. nevertheless if someone wants some further proof even though many is one of the greats military figures just needs google which is a search engine accessible to everybody if you type in the search. two thousand and twenty five separated by blanks do you know what the result is. you come upon a pentagon document. website in. this extension. and military documents states that by the year two thousand and twenty
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five the conquest of the weather is. holding the weather literally so the meteorological war is the first of. the name is really interesting but it was created in one thousand nine hundred five so it was around the mid ninety's it's not too recent but what was the purpose of this program initially. it was to see if it was possible locally within a region to modify the weather conditions to make the airplanes fly to improve the visibility it was also trying to achieve the complete. visibility and no chance for the others to fly. when i say us i mean that we belong to that system when someone starts to study the methods to alter the weather the range of.
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becomes enormous obviously the case. when we say that the mild seasons do not exist anymore we get the point because the concept of season is going to disappear altogether. but the reason is because it is possible to interfere with biological processes through changing the climate. in this particular environmental war that is one made by altering the climate or the productivity of soil is technically already possible. but we mustn't forget that during the fifty's there were already some rockets that could be launched by farmers to generate tail or rain. what i mean is that technology was ready when i was a child though in a much reduced scale. so it's surely possible to overturn the
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climates or the structure of the soil and as such change to an area is we don't have to imagine tsunamis caused by electromagnetic waves or by undersea explosions . i can turn the agricultural areas where there is no state control or there's limited responsiveness into desert in those areas if you want to eat if you are forced to buy my seeds. they say i'm not saying that this happened systematically but as the states have lost their surveillance powers are super national structures that don't need states because they already have scientists technologies and even armies.
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are already plausible with. the environmental war it is a heavy legacy we have to carry with us it's a good legacy for the ones eager for war and for those who like peace surely rejected to look at it like the worst thing that could possibly happen to all the conventions used to ban such death tools encounters a lot of obstacles. the environmental war material effects our daily life and even the cosmic order. when i talk about a global environmental i talk about tools that technically already exist in the hands of people who are willing to use them how to use these tools is part of the concept of war. exist and can alter the environment almost permanently
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it is a global war because the earth is a closed system away a modification of the ecosystem in a certain area generates another alteration somewhere else. that is why if someone wants to create a tsunami along the coast realizes that this will affect the earthquake faults from burma to the himalayas. now a days when we see the sequence of earthquakes and see quakes for instance in china sea region we think that these events unconnected. to look under the sea surface in the depths of the earth's crust there are lines connecting these points. with the people familiar with this military. piece of hardware is considered
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a sort of top ten mix structure it's a point of reference. there are methods to materially generate or to alter weather conditions. these come from important research made in the course of time to improve living conditions. if someone uses the same tools for the opposite purpose. to complete the parchin area. unimaginable consequences. these scientists affirm that cuba's hurricane disasters were caused by harper. is a big entry university project from a scientific perspective shouldn't have any link to the military for usage of these
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technologies. studies high and low frequency waves but. the most recent applications concerns the high frequency. it was born as a scientific project but there is a small issue with it. since the beginning. of the project is the pentagon. as we used to say in the international intelligence convention if the cia is involved something stinks. is the purpose of harp. its purpose is to research the high frequency waves transmission to see how they affect the rockets and the satellite systems and some natural systems such as the fear and stratosphere in order to control the influence caused by these waves. we have to consider that the whole area is liable to. hurricanes and tornadoes so
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it's liable to the most extreme weather conditions. but. before you just had to dump some silver nitrate or any other agent from an airplane tornadoes as if you were steering a vehicle. experiments carried out with good intentions that didn't generate any profit. which is the only industry with enough resources to help the development of these research projects the war industry when i. think about the staggering progress is made by medical science to base hospitals it may appear a paradox but like in a cycle the war comes back to the starting point just like it happens in a game of monopoly when you pass go bring something important on the other hand the price paid was too high so maybe it wasn't necessary. the problem with the climatic
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war case is that harper became a reference point that can be unleashed upon someone like an opponent. really happens inside. is hard to say because it's always the covered with the utmost secrecy. some people claim it depletes the ozone layer because the electrical generators used inside it would be able to affect the spear and cause huge damage but. it isn't easy to simply condemn it it is understandable but there are political demonstrations that tend to criminalize certain experiments. it was an american scientist that accused the russians of permanent climatic modifications in the central states of the us they're. just not there is an experience that suggests something to us if the americans assign to the russians a terrible. means they already have it close to achieving it.
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climate changes worry us we are inclined to assign it something of great importance . to. any sort of influence or ideology of. terror because it sounds to terrorism. fear. moving towards a world that will be more afraid. if
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we consider weapons. we can automatically in. the emotional impact. is increased by the fact that they can be interpreted in a lot of different ways. are valid. chemical trails tell the truth. try to study this phenomenon. now i'll say something back could someone. i used to think it was a swindle too i'll. bet all in effect if a look at the pictures we can find online are really dreadful because the trails
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intersect regular. will look. like. what is sure is that it's not a mysterious phenomenon like some people may think these trails are produced by the airplanes especially the military ones in the course of time they have changed their appearance. that's why i've said this phenomenon is real and it's strongly concerns the citizens therefore the citizens need to be informed who has to do that the government through the appropriate ministers both the environment and the defense. force if it was such a trivial issue it wouldn't have been raised throughout the world. for instance i know that in the us the government made an investigation concerning the subject there the conclusions were an exhaustive either. probably there is something related to military activity that i think isn't shocking the real problem is that
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when there are experiments in phenomenon of this type the government of the country is the first to be aware of them. in any case the citizens should be reassured by saying they are experiments or whatever they are but they are not a concern for the health of the citizens. so i cannot say the difference between the ones caused by the condensation and the ones left up there on purpose. speak on the ones left there on purpose or what the purpose is i mean why are they left there. because. the most worrying thing for me is the fact that we didn't receive convincing answers. i think that often exhaustive answers are not given because the knowledge of these phenomena is very limited.
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more to people that that this situation increases the number of suspects i understand the authorities approach much more not to give any explanation rather than totally deny they got like i think about the u.f.o. they have never been categorically denied by anyone you've got if ever there was a huge fraud that can be used at a macroscopic level. why isn't there appropriate research corporation or company let's do serious research tell me where these came. and it was an airplane will fly there to analyze
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these trails is that so difficult. there isn't anything to hide i don't understand why not to say to the citizens you don't have to worry because these visual trails don't affect in any way the health nor the climate if no one does this it's probably because there is the answer that it is better not to properly discuss the issue or that it is better not to give any answer at all. but a military machine is similar to the mechanism of an organization unfortunately everybody becomes a number in this combination. obviously an algebraic variation cannot change anything where the algebraic result is hardly variable about the wishes to find whys and
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conscientious people and high command rules people who are able to accomplish their mission in the best way out of. a view. of the matter where tragedy is that in war time the leading principle. where to use a french expression concerning ethics and any other value is doomed to be put aside it's like a football match that has to be won any cost. will be an act of heroism made by someone who is not in harmony with the rest of the scenario as a romantic appeal but it is not in the conditions to modify anything. an act of passion from those in command would be necessary for so much of the every person has his own will every commander has his own autonomy that every commander
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has to be responsible for his own men good commanders are able to achieve a goal keeping an eye on the loss of a good commanders able to oppose an order or even to change it is basically people's autonomy as one of resistance i also think that when you are really involved in a conflict the reactions can be quite different it's going to. be. when we find something able to solve the concept of four and we see it in daily relationships each one of us decides not to make war to all the people around us probably this thing could become contagious i don't know how many of us. thank you. because.
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those who are. probably. good. if. they could.
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well when one deals with war for us to realize this tremendous amounts of damage that are done not just human damage but damage to the physical environment in which the battlefield takes place tremendous amounts of damage gone viral bomb squad
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napalm boy coming from the city whether it's our sonic boom city tractors marine mammals or it's the burning oil fields here in iraq or destroyed coral reefs in the pacific for purposes the list just goes on and on the geneva conventions of nineteen forty nine states that there shall be taken in the war to protect the involved against widespread long term and severe damage the united states although it is accepted almost all of the provisions protocol one has taken exception to that. even rebels have begun storming one of the lots of his strongholds with casualties
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being reported from fighting in the safety of the anybody'd while anxiety placed celebration among some trip to residents with fears of making growing as the new regime replacement feels. if u.s. major proposals welcome president obama's plan to create jobs but x. would say be off a trillion dollar stimulus package might be just to not trust congress to support it. and also said the plan to fund the funds finding mission to syria because by opposition leaders to the russian capital that's kind of this president's going to be added to pay physicians that peace in the country could only count through toll . on the egyptian interior ministry has declared a state of the lead after protests with storms the israeli embassy compound in cairo plenty of documents from a window to the bottom it came with thousands gathered in tahrir square once again demanding swift and shining on the concrete timeline for a transfer from miniature role to democratic government. as the headlines.


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